Managing Director & Chief Innovation Officer, JLT ASIA

Bala is the Managing Director & Chief Innovation Officer at JLT Asia’s based in Singapore. He currently leads JLT’s New product development and innovation initiatives in the context of Enterprise Risk and Employee benefits management space. With an international career spanning 20+ years, Bala is a strategic thinker, business leader and hands on technology manager with core expertise centered on the use of technology, process engineering and information analytics.

His current areas of interest include Customer Experience Design, Sense Making, Cyber Risks, Data Analytics and Digital Transformation. He also teaches several Risk and Management related modules to business professionals at the Asian Risk Management Institute (ARIMI) and has also been assisting entrepreneurs in their efforts at business planning and risk management.

He is an active member of startup and incubation hubs based out of Singapore, Canada & Bangalore where he mentors early stage technology and ceramic art ventures. Bala holds and MBA from National University of Singapore and a Masters Degree in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science.

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